Memescape (4/1/22) -
A silly project I made for April Fools.
Ink Journal (4/3/22) -
All of my ink journal entries, filled with sketches of varying quality.

_In Progress

My Main Page
My Art Page
Music Player -
Currently can be found on the main page by clicking the flower. Right now it plays the same thing every time, but the plan is for it to randomly play different short tunes.
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Daily Tarot -
Might be too ambitious, but the plan is to recreate the Rider Waite tarot deck in 48x64 pixel form, then use them in lieu of a daily mood. We'll see where this goes.
Minecraft Poetry -
This is kind of a weird one, but in the Minecraft server I'm on I've taken to writing silly, low-effort poetry in a book and quill. Might be good for a laugh to put it on my page. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯